The International Club of Budapest was established in 1993 by two founding members of the Club of Rome: Professor Ervin Laszlo (Nobel Prize) and Aurelio Peccei. These complementary international foundations bring together eminent world famous and recognized researchers. The Club of Rome brings together personalities from the world of science, international politics and economy. The Club of Budapest brings together personalities from the arts, literature and spirituality (of all persuasions).

It is dedicated to developing a new ethic to solve the challenges of the 21st century on the environmental, socio-economic and spiritual. It gathers the best known and most creative minds of our time, like the Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, Peter Russell, Deepak Chopra …

The Club supports innovative initiatives to help mankind to create a responsible, sustainable, thanks to a global consciousness and a way of thinking “win-win”. Each nation has its own Club of Budapest, affiliated with the International Club based in Budapest itself, which just celebrated its 21th anniversary, still under the chairmanship of Professor Ervin Laszlo.

When Beatrice was proposed to create a Basque Club of Budapest, bringing together personalities of the Basque Country and its diaspora, he was delighted, especially as he knows the blood ties between the Hungarian people and the Basque and he loves the spirit of ethics & clean Basque solidarity values.

So we created this Basque Club of Budapest around Julie and her mom.

We want to bring the work of the International Club, values, ethics and own dynamism to the Basque Country.